Be Selfless
Do something for someone else and get out of self.
When we stop focusing on ourselves and get out of the "WoesMe" mentality, our mood will begin to change. One way to do this is by doing kind and selfless things for others.  When we do kind gestures for others, it lifts our spirits.  There is always someone less fortunate than you, try to remember that. Just decide to change the thoughts your mind is focusing on. Shift your thinking and ask, "What can I do for others?"  

Forgive Yourself
Decide to "Let Go."  Everyone makes mistakes, and that is where the growth takes place.  If you are living a life that is incongruent with your values, morals, and belief system attempt to realign yourself.  Forgiving yourself for the past and learning from those experiences can be the first step in healing and moving forward.  I encourage you to allow yourself the freedom to rid yourself of any circumstance that you can no longer change.  Let Go and Let God. 

Focus on Accomplishments and Goals

Sometimes our internal dialogue will attempt to point out all our failures and minimize our accomplishments.  It is important to celebrate your accomplishments and set new goals. Goal setting must be a priority.  You have to know what you want in this life to have a direction in which to pursue. Otherwise,  you will just go through life aimlessly.  If you are uncertain what path to take in life, I suggest focussing on your gifts and talents.  Your gifts and talents will lead you in the direction of your dreams.  We all have unique talents and gifts inside us. If you haven't found yours yet.  Keep searching. 

Have a Dream
You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream." โ€”Michael Dell
The one amazing thing that separates us from every other life form on earth is the ability to use our imagination and the ability to Dream. The first rocket ship was invented in 1926 almost 100 years ago.  Robert Goddard had a dream to build and launch the first rocket ship, now almost a century later Elon Musk has a "Mars Dream."  His vision of a sustainable Mars colony could potentially be a city of one million people.  When we were little, we used our imaginations all the time.  As the years pass and we get older, we forget that we have the gift of imagination. So I want to remind and encourage you to use your imagination and begin to "Dream."  Dreams do come true.  

Transcend Catastrophe
You are powerful beyond your understanding.  You can shift your perspective and look at the situation differently.  Begin to live your life in a "Beautiful State."  In this lifetime you will experience a suffering, heartbreak, tragedy, and loss.  This is LIFE.  No one goes through life unscathed.  We all feel pain, and the good news is we all feel pleasure too.  We can not truly appreciate the sweet with never experiencing the bitter.  Transcending catastrophe does not come easily,  it takes a great amount of willingness to push beyond your limitations and rise above adversity.  The first step is to have the acceptance and the second step is to have the willingness to move forward.  Sometimes having a mentor to guide you is helpful in this area.  Everyone needs a mentor. 

Make a Decision to take Ownership and Responsibility for your life
Quit being a victim!  I hear many people blaming their life on things like childhood trauma, color, race, ethnicity, sex, and silly things like micro-aggressions.  We are not "Victims." Our university curriculums are teaching students they are weak, but this is a very different topic.  I was researching doctoral programs when I went into a class in my field, and they were teaching these students that they had been given an unfair shake in the world.  We are strong, capable individuals with the ability to thrive with hard work and dedication.  I am a Native American, and even though my ancestors had to overcome the first American Holocaust, I don't walk through life with a chip on my shoulder thinking the world owes me something.  My mother was murdered, and as a result, I had enormous adversity growing up, but I focus on the triumph and not the tragedy.  We all have a responsibility to ourselves to make our lives matter. You and you alone must create the life you dream of having.

Act Happy and Smile
 When you affirm more positive thoughts and change your behavior, the mind will follow.  When you smile, there are several physiological and neurological changes that happen in your body.  Thousands of neurons release neurotransmitters called endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.  These chemicals communicate with different parts of your body and send happy signals.  Try it!!  Put a smile on your face and simultaneously dance around declaring, "I am happy, I am grateful, and I am blessed."  

Redefine Success
Everyone has a different definition of what "Success" looks like.  Often success is measured by prosperity, affluence, and wealth.  It can be discouraging when we see others climb the social or financial ladder with effortless ease.  Comparing your success to the success of others is not a productive way to spend your time.  The specific measurement in which you could make a comparison to is the person you were yesterday.  If you are growing, learning and evolving with the ambition of being a better person than you were yesterday, this is a success.  Some people measure success by traveling the world; others may want a big family, a dream career or Ph.D. Just remember!  Health is wealth don't forget to stay grateful for what you do have.  How can you be given more if you aren't even happy with what you have now? Do a little perspective shifting, and I bet you will be amazed by all that you have accomplished.  You are a success, and you can redefine success by measuring yourself to the person you were yesterday. 

Pursue the deepest meaning in life
What is the meaning of all this?  Who am I?  and What is my purpose? Are questions that at some point in your life you will find yourself asking.  One day the world just stops, and you may see yourself reflecting in hindsight at all you have done and all you have accomplished.  The deepest meaning in my life is to, "Leave a Legacy of Love." I want the experience of being loved and to be love. What is the deepest meaning of your life? 

Heal Relationships
This is a "Big One."  How much freedom do you want in your life?  Just imagine making all your wrongs right.  We are not responsible for the lives of others.  We can only do our part to make sure our side of the street is clean.  The emotional state of being vulnerable can be powerful in the area of healing relationships.  It means letting someone other than you know how they have hurt you or it can mean acknowledging that you have hurt someone else. Holding grudges can make the body weak and the spirit ill. A broken relationship can bring on an array of spiritual maladies.  So before the toxicity festers free yourself and heal the relationships in your life that matter.  When we heal relationships in our life, we can feel a surge of liberation in the areas of mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually


You are meant for "Greatness" you are an "Internal being made to inspire and heal the world.



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