Marie Sealy is a city girl with deep country roots.  Born in Oklahoma till the age of sixteen years old and currently resides in Sunny Southern California.  She is the proud momma of a seven-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Bentley Ashton.


Marie graduated from the University of California San Diego where she earned and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology.  Initially, when she began her academic career, her goals were to become a Forensic Psychologist.  After attending a course in psychological profiling, specifically profiling the minds of serial killers, she realized that the deep dark intensity of this work was not suited for her.  She quickly rerouted her studies taking more courses in behavioral, biological, social and cognitive psychology. Other significant courses of study during her Undergraduate work that left an impact on Marie, is Drugs, Society and Human Behavior and Behavioral Pharmacology, it was these two courses that would lead her to the decision to learn more about Drugs and Behavior.


In, 2010 she attended UCSD Extension where she completed all certification course work for her CADACC. (California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors program) This program was personally transforming and provided in-depth insight into areas such as Dual Diagnosis, which is counseling clients in chemical dependency and mental illness.  She also learned The Theory and Practice of Counseling in Psychotherapy and Group Facilitation.  By studying the different modalities, approaches and techniques she was able to develop her own therapy model. Authenticity is important and it was her personal research, experimental experiences and education that taught her that transformation is possible and people could heal and change the trajectory of their lives with support and guidance. She has some experience with 12 facilitation but prefers and is heavily influenced by MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) and CBT. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)  She is a huge fan of both Albert Ellis and Aaron T. Beck the two pioneers that laid the ground work for Donald Meichenbaum’s CBT Model.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy is based on the assumption that a reorganization of one’s statements will result in a corresponding reorganization of one’s behavior.  Behavioral techniques such as operant conditioning, modeling and behavioral rehearsal can also be applied to the more subjective processes of thinking and internal dialogue.  All the Cognitive Behavior therapies are based on a structured psycho-educational model.  Marie thinks a lot like Albert Ellis and believes that people contribute to their own psychological problems, as well as to specific symptoms, by the way they interpret events and situations.  These were all great leaders in pioneers in the field of Psychology but Marie holds much regard and respect and is largely inspired by Viktor Frankl, an existential psychiatrist.  


“Life ultimately means taking responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which constantly sets for each individual.” Viktor Frankl


The reason why Marie holds such high regard and admiration for Viktor Frankl is not only because of his contribution in the field of psychology but largely because of his own personal experience.  She relates to the way he thinks because of her own powerlessness with being an Orphan.  She shares in the attitude that we have a responsibility in how we interpret our situations.  Viktor Frankl is an existential psychiatrist, who stresses the relationship between freedom and responsibility and insists that ultimate freedom can never be taken from us because we can at least choose our attitude toward any given set of circumstances. 


In support of this Frankl (1963) shares an experience where he draws from his own experience in a German concentration camp, where the prisoners were stripped of every semblance of outward freedom.  He contends that even in a situation of such extreme powerlessness, people can ultimately be their own master because the attitude they assume toward their suffering is of their own choosing. (Corey, 2012)


While she was attending her CAADAC courses in the summer of 2010 she had been awarded the privilege of attending the Summer Clinical Institute in Addiction Studies, School of Medicine Psychiatry, UCSD.  It was during this time that she had her first experience with Mindfulness Training.  She met Dr. Steve Hickman, PhD when he came to speak about his book, “Where are my feet?” He led a class in Mindfulness and Marie remembers feeling a surge of relief, less anxiety and the ability to focus more clearly.  Marie to this day still practices Mindfulness.


Simultaneously, while taking CAADAC courses Marie enrolled at a near by Yoga Studio and decided to explore their Yoga Teacher Training Program.  It was during this time she would be introduced to the practice of Meditation and the Yoga lifestyle.  Her Strong Country roots in Christianity and the belief system she had grown up with strongly discouraged practicing other religions. Marie wanted to be open-minded and expand her knowledge to other world views.  Other religions such as, Hinduism and Buddhism, which are deeply integrated into these practices.  She had a mentor at the time that worked for a Meditation Center called The Chopra Center.  She wanted to deepen her knowledge, wisdom and experience so she began a journey into Expanded Awareness.  Marie never did anything half-heartedly she was all in.  Her first experience with mediation was called a Primordial Sound Meditation. Primordial Sound Meditation uses sound in the form of Mantras to go inward.  The word “Mantra” means instrument or vehicle of mind.  “Mantras” interrupt the flow of meaningful thoughts allowing our attention to expand, more abstract levels of the mind until we eventually slip beyond thought into silence.


From 2010 -2014 Marie attended three Retreats at The Chopra Center. Her favorite speaker was a man by the name of David Simon.  David Simon spoke about Love and was the only speaker she heard that spoke of Love. Other significant people who influenced Marie and later would be embedded into her own style of leadership would be Byron Katie, Caroline Myss and Deepak Chopra.  She remembers feeling deeply uncomfortable doing the work of Byron Katie.  Byron Katie asked questions like “Who would you be without your story?”  Marie had always identified herself with being an orphan and having a murdered mother so this was a huge breakthrough for her. She wasn’t ready at the time but eventually ended up going back to the work in this area and now in her Leadership practice she emphasizes how important it is to recreate a new story for yourself.  A new story that encourages people to think of their adversity/misfortune/difficulty/pain/tragedy

 as “things to overcome” focusing on the perseverance instead of the hardship. 


“A thought is harmless unless we believe it.  It is not our thoughts, that cause suffering.  Attaching to a thought means believing that it is true without inquiring.  A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years. (Byron Katie, 2013)


In the fall of 2013, Marie wanted to go back to school for her Masters Degree.  She had an extensive background in the field study of Psychology and a head full of knowledge supporting a career in Counseling and Therapy. She thought about going back for a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) or a MFT (Marriage Family Therapist).  She had no idea at the time but divine intervention would change the course of her life forever. She met someone who had a Masters in Organizational Leadership and she was very curious about the field of Organizational Psychology. Organizational Leadership has some similarities to Organizational Psychology so she did her research and ended up enrolling in a Business Degree at National University, San Diego.  Even though she has a background in Psychology she is so happy with her decision to have acquired a Business Degree in Organizational Leadership.


Marie feels Leadership Models are more inspirational, motivating and uplifting.  Psychiatry and Psychology have a Diagnostic Criteria, these fields of study focus solely on the Psychological Factors. The Psychological Factors that contribute to the mental, physical, and emotional condition.  Marie believes it is important to understand the different mental and mood disorders but she realized in her own journey that sometimes you need to think a bit outside the box.  There are causes like spiritual maladies and even though people are conditioned like Pavlov’s Dog, people also need and desire, to be inspired, to be motivated, to be encouraged, to be loved, and to be led.


Today, Marie holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership. A business degree came in handy and would be the foundation of starting her own companies.  She is a strong supporter of Entrepreneurial Women and inspired to break through glass-ceilings.  She is the Founder and CEO of The Pretty Soul, LLC a digital media brand, e-mentoring and leadership platform.  The Pretty Soul, LLC is not just a company she says, “It is a “calling” a great responsibility entrusted to her and her life’s purpose.”  She believes her vision will leave a “Legacy of Love” for future generations and change the trajectory of women’s lives that need guidance and support. 


Marie is also Co-founder/Investor and Former CEO of Futurephase Holdings a Marketing Consulting Firm.  Futurephase is currently undergoing an entire rebranding and will be the future of Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs who own start-ups or small to mid-size businesses. 


Marie is a life-long learner she is independently studying World Religions and is Learning CRM and Market Automation.  She took some time off from school but is planning to attend a PhD in Leadership Studies.  Marie thrives in intellectually stimulated environments.  She is looking forward to explore, understand, and critique theories, concepts, competencies, and values/ethics related to leadership. 


Marie Sealy is a 21st Century Leader and according to the Myers Briggs Scale she meets the criteria for the INTJ Personality Type.  (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judgment) INTJ’s form just 2% of the POP and women of this type are rare forming only 0.8% of the POP. 



Marie Sealy in her early years.

“The Pretty Soul, LLC is a “calling” it is a great responsibility entrusted to me by the only father I have ever had.  “The big G.”  It is my hope that I will leave a long lasting impact and a “Legacy of Love.”  I lost both my parents when I was very young and I was placed in foster care and child abuse shelters.  My mother was murdered and my father suffered from a grave mental disorder and a spiritual malady.  I had no brothers or sisters. I lived the later part of my child-hood with a grandmother who had a very strict and moral virtue. My grandmother planted seeds of greatness in me; she spoke of God often only she called him Lord and Savior. Later in early adolescents, I found myself without parents, guidance, mentorship or a home. It was during this time my best friend in the world Shon Jenkins introduced me to Alisha, a family that would later significantly change my perception and world view. They gave me hope when I had none. It was one of two families that opened and shared there home with me. My other surrogate family and a key player in my growth was with a woman named Tricia a mother-like figure who would pray over me and share stories and teachings of Christ. Tricia made beautifully handmade Native American Jewelry and she worked in the spiritual area of Deliverance.  I was very blessed to have these loving people care for me in my early adolescents and it was at this time I realized that I had a spiritual calling. I was emancipated at the age of 16 and have been navigating my way through the world and in life ever since. This was my truth and these were my circumstances. It was a very arduous and perilous journey with great suffering and enormous adversities.  Underneath the pain lied my creativity, passions, intuition, and imagination but it was my discipline, determination and dedication that would make my dreams come into fruition. I am here to share with you that you can preserver in the face of adversity, that the human spirit is fierce, you have seeds of greatness within you and you are powerful beyond measure.” (Marie Sealy, 2017)