Marie Sealy

Marie Sealy MSOL is the Founder/Creative Director/ and CEO of The Pretty Soul, LLC a digital media brand, spiritually and intellectually integrated finishing and online intelligence academy for girls. In other words a brand apparel line, e-mentor and leadership platform for females. 

Marie graduated from the University of California San Diego where she earned and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.  She completed all course work for her CAADAC (Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor) certification at UCSD extensions in LaJolla, California.  During her CAADAC course work, she attended Core Power's Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program with the motivation and intention to serve others.  

In 2014, She graduated with Honors and obtained her  Master's of Science Business Degree in Organizational Leadership from National University in San Diego, California.

Marie is a life-long learner, and  her most recent endeavors include a Non-Profit Grant Writing Course, writing a children's book and preparing for a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies.  Her goal is to use this new skill set and apply it to her "Leave a Legacy Love Foundation"  a  non-profit foundation for girls who have lost her parent/parents to violent crimes.  

The Pretty Soul, LLC is not just a company she says, “It is a “divine calling” a great spiritual responsibility entrusted to her and her life’s purpose.”  She believes her vision will leave a “Legacy of Love” for future generations and change the trajectory of women’s lives by aligning them with their dreams and fulfilling their divine destiny. 


Jordan and Jillian.jpg

Jordan and jillian willet

Special Thanks to Jordan and Jillian Willet.  I am so grateful to you both for all your work.  From the very beginning you self-lessly gave your time and stay committed to the vision and mission of this company.

Jordan Willet is a Missions/Music Director & Videographer at the Center.  One of the projects that touched my heart was his work on Saving Moses a Mission's video that took place in Cambodia impacting the lives of children who's mothers are sex workers.  

I admire Jordan and Jillian's unwavering faith in Christ. They are a young christian married couple and strong leaders within thier community.  They are touching, changing, and saving lives.  

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Sequioa Steen

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