Meditation, mindfulness and smudging

In the indigenous native Indian culture of North America, spirituality is the connection between humanity and the natural world. Nature is greatly respected.  Animals and trees are sacred entities. Animals are seen as teachers and guides in meditation. Native Americans believe that meditation is a way to transcend beyond the material world and obtain divine wisdom.  

Understanding the connection between humanity and the natural world is the foundation of spirituality for the Native American Indian.  The Native Indigenous people of North America traditionally sought the wisdom of animals and regarded them as teachers and guides.  Mother Earth is an entity that is divinely sacred because all life came from her.   They called the “Great Spirit” grandfather and held high regard for their ancestors.  Mediation was a spiritual practice that created a way to achieve transcendence from the material world and a way to obtain divine wisdom.

Smudging is a Native American ritual, practiced before meditation.  The Native American’s believed that it would cleanse and purify the sacred space before meditating.  They would use a small bundle of sage and an eagle feather.  The smoke from the sage was gently distributed with the eagle feather around the meditators cleansing their aura.  

Totem Meditation is a spiritual practice that Natives used to provide them with wisdom and guidance.  Each animal symbolically represents different strengths.  The Natives believed they would share sacred spiritual messages.  The White Buffalo is considered the most sacred of all living things. 

Drumming is another way Native American’s meditated. The drum is used to increase intuition and heighten perception.  According to the elders, the drum can release and balance spiritual energy.  The hypnotic rhythms allow the body to achieve a meditative state while relaxing the body and calming the mind. 

Native American Flute is a style of music used for emotional break throughs and for soothing the soul. Meditation music can give the ambiance of peace, creating a safe, sacred space, reducing stress and anxiety while promoting a peaceful relaxation and emotional well being.